International Conference on Food Science and Technology

heatre Room, 3rd floor of Thomas Aquinas Building
Soegijapranata Catholic University, Semarang, Indonesia
Thursday and Friday, 31 July & 1 August 2008
The challenge of universal food quality and safety regime
Term of Reference
Food supply chain has a long traditionally been an arena of various actors. We are witnessing industrialization of the food production process which involves parties from producers to consumers, from simple to highly advance technology, from small enterprises to Multinational Corporation as well as the diversity of the resource materials. Interestingly, the interplay within and between them is directed to achieve one ultimate goal, quality and safety assurance of food products. Furthermore, the development of mass product by large corporation and multinational company makes quality and safety aspects more pronounced.

Consumer’s priorities have altered the food supply chain leads to food demand chain. Nowadays consumer can determine the criteria of food quality, which include safety, nutritional, sensory, ethical requirements, etc. Consumer’s requirements must be fulfilled by the product’s performances that can be achieved by controlling each stage in the production process. The shorter product life cycle, and the efficiency and flexibility of food production have become more crucial. Innovation of products and services turn into a major importance to food production systems. However, there is a gap between actors of food supply chain. The well developed food industries aware of the need for product innovation. What about other especially in the less developed countries? Therefore, globalization of food preferences and a chance to consider universality of challenge for harmonizing the diversity of food supply chain.

This conference is intended to bring together perspectives and ideas on whether and how the highly diverse food supply chain can meet the challenge of universal food quality and safety requirements. There is a need for discussion in which various disciplinary approaches are accommodated and integrated to observe the diverse of food quality and safety along the diversity of food supply chains.

Keynote speakers (tentative list)
1. Representative of FAO Regional Office for Asia & the Pasific
Global governance of food quality and safety
2. Nico van Straalen (VU Amsterdam)
Genomics approach to food toxicology
3. Arend Bouwer (PT. Kievit Indonesia )
Food quality and safety standard: A multinational company perspective
4. Representative of BPOM (The National Agency of Drug & Food Control) Indonesia
Seeking for a balance between food industry and consumer protection: Indonesia experience in meeting food quality and safety standard
5. Charles Saerang (PT. Nyonya Meneer)
Indonesian traditional nutraceuticals: Perspective from the “Jamu” producer
6. Rhee Chul ( Korea University )
Diversity of food processing technologies toward high quality and safety products: Achievements and challenges
7. Muhamad Bin Zakaria ( University of Malaya )
Food for medicine: Exploration beyond quality and safety

Research & Development
Quality assurance
Policy makers and analysts
Undergraduate & Graduate students

Call for paper
Papers on themes related to Food Safety and Quality and other aspects of Food Science and Technology are invited. Suggested themes are as follows:
§ Food Supply Chain Diversity

* Food Safety and Quality
* Food Processing and Engineering
* Nutrition and Functional Food
* Food Microbiology and Biotechnology
* Food Marketing and Quality Management

Submit abstract (max. 300 words), including: Title, Author(s), Institution and E-mail
Text of full paper and abstract: Times New Roman; 12 font size
Please send to: and/or

Semarang at a glance
Semarang , the provincial capital of Central Java , is a city with a population of nearly 1.4 million, the fifth most populous city in Indonesia , yet still retains the atmosphere of a small town. It is now mainly known for its relative calm as well as its culinary diversity. Daily flights conveniently connect Semarang with Jakarta and other major Indonesian cities as well as with Singapore . There will be an opportunity for excursion to several interesting spots such as Semarang Old Town and China Town , also visiting traditional food markets and stalls

Department of Food Technology – Soegijapranata Catholic University
Jl. Pawiyatan Luhur IV/1 Bendan Dhuwur, Semarang 50234 Indonesia
Phone: +62-24-8441555 (ext 157; 170; 310)
Fax: +62-24-8445265 or 8415429

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“The Challenge of Universal Food Quality and Safety”


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